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"Placed an order for a 900 word article. Being a freelance writer myself, I have pretty strict standards when I get articles written by others for my own projects. Mike really came through and delivered EXACTLY what I asked for which has been a big problem with other writers I've hired on WF. Not only was the article 100% grammatically correct, he also delivered ahead of schedule.

Another great thing about Mike that I appreciate is the customer service offered. I've tried to contact a lot of other writers here before and I don't get a reply back for a day or so. I contacted Mike and he responded IMMEDIATELY. I didn't send him a bunch of emails, but each email I sent was responded to promptly. 

Sure you can find tons of .80/100 word writers on WF. But their quality will be awful, you'll have to spend your time proofreading and editing their writing, and good luck trying to get in touch with them when an issue comes up (I'm speaking from personal experience). 

I'd rather skip that headache and pay a little more for Mike's service and get writing that I don't have to spend 30 minutes editing and have assurance that I'll be able to contact him if I have any issues. Awesome service."
- Posted by CollegeCEO 



Great quality... Really fast too. I'm not normally impressed but this was very good. Do you do bulk orders? (I admit I didn't read the whole sales page)

- Posted by TheAngryMarketer 


I have ordered a free review copy yesterday. Michael has asked the right questions about the audience who is going to read it, the keywords being targeted and the purpose of the article (website content, SEO, Informational, drive sales, Encourage clicks, encourage sharing/liking/syndication, etc). 

The article was written and sent overnight as promised. The quality of the article is very good and even-though the subject is technical, the writer has proved to have a thorough knowledge in the subject.

Having tried other similar services in the past, I have to say this is the best service that I have received and I will ultimately try them in the future. Thanks!

- Posted by perpetualdream 



I just ordered my first article and wanted to leave my review. 

The article was excellent in my honest opinion. I didn't have to edit anything in the entire article (very rare). 

The price is more than your average article writing but you get what you paid for. For my niche it is imperative that the content be high quality and this is exactly what I was looking for. Ordering another article now. thanks again.

- Posted by massiveappeal 


Hired Michael and Michael to write 3 custom pages I needed done for a website. Received the articles in a timely manner and was very impressed with the material that I got. Their service certainly matches their quality.

- Posted by Chris Creighton 


Well, I just wanted to post a review on the work i have received from Michael and his team.While it was a test run, i did give him specific criteria i wanted met just to see if he can meet the requirements that i wanted for this article and ones ill be needing in the future. 3 days later i received the article and read through it. All of the requirements of what i wanted were met on the first go! They did great research and provided the stuff that my audience wants to read and know about. 

They did go over the keywords minimum i asked for, no complaints there , and they provided the material in an easy to read format that i know my audience will love and enjoy.Unfortunately, the only problem was that the article did not meet SEO standards per SEOPressor. It was my fault as i did not give specifics during this test article. So, i told him the problems i found, and he got the article edited and corrected in under 12 hrs and the changes actually improved the article a great deal!

Bottom line, i trust and believe in Michael's work. How well do you ask? Well, he is the only content creation source I will be using as we put together our 175 page niche website. I feel his team puts a lot of pride and are very passionate about what they do...and it shows in their work.

Thanks Michael for giving me a reason to write a positive review. I rarely post anything on the forums, so i hope people don't take this review lightly. If anyone has any questions about their service, or what i required from them, dont hesitate to shoot me a PM. Thanks Again

- Posted by sizzleld

Michael's team created a few blog posts for me. I've been testing a bunch of writers on here as well as other sites, I just couldn't find a writer that provided the type of quality content I needed... until Michael.

My requests were on some pretty technical topics, I was blown away by the amount of research put into the articles. Most writers can create an article that is engaging but they often don't provide the value my readers deserve, instead it's mostly fluff due to lack of knowledge on the subject. 

After trying countless writers at all kind of price points I feel that Michael's team provided the best content as well as value. It's nice to see when people are passionate about their work and put in the effort.

- Posted by fedya 

I received a review article from Michael. It was for my favourite site and I'm awfully fussy about the standard of writing that goes on there. The article was delivered when Michael said it would be, which is important to me. The information that was in the article was excellent. Not only that, Michael had obviously had a look at my site and written in a tone that suited my readers perfectly.

In my opinion, this article was one of the best I've received from any writer. I've paid more than their rates for poorer quality work so Michael and Michael are worth what they are asking. The article will go on my site without any changes, and that rarely happens. I'll be contacting Michael again for some more articles after the weekend. Thanks very much for the opportunity to review your service, and I wish you all the best with it. I'll be in touch.

- Posted by Audrey Harvey 

Ordered one test article, very good quality. A bit more pricey than other writers but if you want content that you don't have to edit and you can put on you main site - this is it. 

- Posted by bigK 


For our new project we were looking for Top-Quality native english writer professionals. After do some re-search online we found We described our requirements and placed our first order.. The order was delivered within a couple of days.. and the content that they have written matched our expectations 100%! Thanks for the good work. 
- Posted by Castanie 

Placed big order with Michael. So far quality and delivery speed very satisfactory!

- Posted by Ontopic 

Super fast delivery and understood what I wanted perfectly.
- Posted by Pzwn 


I've been impressed with their services so far. I've only needed to make minor edits of their work (I'm a bit of a perfectionist), and the work was done quickly and professionally.

- Posted by neekburm 

Awesome service! First time I get service from Mike and he came back with a nice-proffesional written article. With someone like me who sucks with English, I need some one who can do the job for me when it comes to writing or proofreading... I will definitely come back to you Mike.
- Posted by cjalvarez91 


Greetings fellow Warriors, I am leaving a review for Michael's writing service-I own a lot of sites, in various niches, so i have used a lot of writing services-let me say that most of them are pretty ordinary, and I have had to re-write a lot of the articles because the standards are pretty ordinary, content-wise and grammatically. This was Not the case with Michael's article, it was well written, plausible and above all REAL. If you want high quality writing for your sites you can't go wrong with this service-thanks guys!
- Posted by MrFume 


Hired these fine folk to write me some content for our new website. Did two different blogs total for now and would love to work with them again as more need comes along. All the writing was exactly what I needed, no revisions necessary, and had a very quick delivery time. Definitely recommend anyone looking for top notch work to go with these guys!
- Posted by JamiesName 


Mike, I just wanted to thank you for making this project so much easier for us. We have been searching for a long time to find a reliable and authentic content writing service that offers high quality, legitimately native English articles. Yours is the first really great service we've come across through several years of searching and kissing many frogs along the way! The writing is very high quality, was right on target with authoritative content, and was clearly well researched prior to writing. Thank you so much and you can bet on a long term relationship with our company. I appreciate your willingness to customize the project to meet our needs and schedule. 

I look forward to working with you for a long time to come and would recommend you to anyone looking for high quality content that stands out distinctively from the competition. Regards, Carrie
Posted by CarrieVen 


Just wanted to convey my satisfaction with Mike & his Team's work. Mike is definitely on the ball. Emails are answered promptly and professionally. I asked him for a limited test run and material was delivered quickly, was well-written and according to my instructions. I've since given Mike the remaining 9 website pages and am looking forward to working with him in the future.
-Posted by prelate 


Great writing! It took some time to get the final product so plan accordingly, but definitely worth the wait.
- Posted by sweshgirl 


Amazing service. A+ content. Worth every penny. Customer service is amazing as well, they wont stop working until it's 100% right.
- Posted by Nick O 


Great writing team led by Mike! Very reasonable prices and they always delivered ahead of schedule or by deadline. Give them a shot at your writing projects.
- Posted by Guerra 


I have been working with Mike for 3 months now (Since Sept). He's helping us with writing high quality product descriptions for some technical items & accessories. We are very happy with the results so far; we keep throwing more at him to try to keep him busy. He has great communication and he doesn't hesitate to reply to an email saying when he'll be able to address the email instead of leaving you in the dark until he has time to reply with an answer.

Mike seems pretty flexible with the type of copy work he'll do (which is a plus for us). I would recommend Mike and his team to others on the forum.
- Posted by sjproductsllc 


Just gotten back my 1st email project and it's amazing. Very good quality work.

- Posted by WinsonYeung 

Must say, it was challenging to find the right person for my needs. I have hired Michael, and he was doing an awesome job for me. Original, superb-quality articles related finance were tailored within tight deadlines. He explored the topics using his out-of-the-box thinking and tremendous writing experience. He is both very responsive and extremely creative. Brilliant combination! Looking forward to our fruitful and continual cooperation in the near future. EXCELLENT WORK!!! I would hire you again for this job and many others. 

- Posted by Natalie1987 


Excellent job - always knows exactly what I am looking for. Are you a mind reader? Thank you!!!

- BellaBride



Awesome job! Great article and perfect! Absolutely I will buy from him again! Thanks for the effort.
– ge2house


WOW!!! You are Fantastic!! Will use over and over again. Highly recommend. The best I have seen and very quick. More to come your way! Thank you
– cfd777


Mike and his team did an excellent job with my article order. Fast turnaround time and high quality writing. I had a very short deadline and Mike was able to meet it. Will be using them from now on for all of my article writing needs.Thanks
- Jon G

Mike and his group from "Writing by Michael" provided us with the 
exact copy we needed to get our mailing efforts going. Their copy didn't need much correction and it was delivered pronto! We are definitely going to keep bringing more projects to him.

- West Media, Inc.

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